HGH for Aging and Physical and Mental Health

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people over the age of 40 asking how HGH enhancers can help with specific health conditions such as memory loss, bone density and even weight loss.

With lower HGH levels in our aging population supplementing to boost HGH levels is becoming more popular, probably why I’m getting more questions on this topic.

HGH for Aging

The fountain of youth does remain elusive as ever, however, science is not standing, and tremendous efforts have been made in last few decades to understand aging and its related problem, and in finding the ways of overcoming them.

The antiaging formula of life is simple; it primarily consists of three components: exercise, diet, and supplementation. Exercise and a balanced diet are essential for anyone looking to have a longer life, that is free from disease conditions. As we age, some of the elements are not possible to fully complement through diet, hence the importance of supplementation. Further, it must be understood that aging means downfall of various enzymes and hormones, it is unpreventable, but it can be slowed down.

GenFx is the natural way to boost growth hormone. It is one of the most critical of hormones, which starts to decline slowly, with each year, after the 30s. It is the hormone that is responsible for many growth processes. It has a powerful anabolic effect. GenFx is a natural way to stimulate its production in a pituitary gland.

GenFx is better than supplementation of growth hormone. Researchers have synthesized the growth hormone. Taking a synthetic form of it is not free from side effects, whereas, natural methods of its stimulation via diet, exercise, and supplementation are a safe option. Reason? Natural supplements stimulate not only the growth hormone but many other biologically active agents, enzymes, and hormones, that are essential for full benefit from the growth hormone.

Genfx has several biologically active components that fall into three groups. Firstly, it has essential amino acids, which cannot be produced by our body but are necessary for just any anabolic or recovery process. These amino acids stimulate anabolic process, formation of various enzymes and hormones, without any risk of side effects (as per modern science, they are necessary for our existence, without any known side effect). Secondly, it has plant-based components to accelerate the metabolism, improve alertness, and phospholipids that are essential for cell walls and shown to be beneficial for all the internal organs, especially skin, liver, and brain. These plant-based ingredients are also suitable for vascular health, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Finally, it contains a bovine pituitary extract that has traces of various factors needed to stimulate growth hormone and other essential hormones.

Together, these complexes form a powerful anti-aging complex.

What are the main symptoms of low levels of growth hormone in adults?

In growing age, a deficit of growth hormone is easily diagnosed as stunted growth. Its diagnosis is difficult in elderly. In elderly, it is marked by reduced bone health, that may be seen as frequent fractures. Low growth hormone means chronic fatigue and lack of stamina. Further, psychological symptoms like mood swings, poor memory, difficulty in concentration, and depression are all too common.

High blood cholesterol is characteristic of low growth hormone levels. Thus low levels of growth hormone may increase the risk of diabetes and heart conditions.

How would GenFx help to age gracefully, and free from diseases?

Stimulation of growth hormone would improve all the bodily functions. Moreover, GenFx is not just about growth hormone; it is about absolute hormonal harmony boosted by a combination of various active components. Here we discuss some of the essential benefits, that have been proven in multiple clinical trials:

Good for bone health

In the meta-analysis of several clinical investigations and studies having a follow-up period of one and half year to two years, it was demonstrated that stimulation of growth hormone in adults resulted in improved bone mineral density. Simply speaking, bones got stronger, and risk of age-related fractures decreased considerably. Further, the studies demonstrated that stimulation of growth hormone would be beneficial, even if there is no deficit of growth hormone, as such stimulation would still improve the bone health.

Good for heart health

Similarly, various investigations demonstrated that growth hormone is good for the heart, an effect that seems to be the result of stimulation of insulin-like growth factor 1 by it. Growth hormone increases the volume and strength of heart muscles, better their contraction power, increase heart’s pumping volume. Growth hormone also reduces the level of harmful fats in the blood, decreases visceral fat, prevents disease of arteries due to atherosclerosis, hence reduces the chances of a heart attack.

Excellent for Brain health

As we age, there is a decrease in growth hormone releasing hormone, growth hormone, and insulin growth factor 1. All these are known to be essential for brain functioning. The deficit of these hormones seems to play a role in age-related decline in various mental functions. To prove the concept, researchers carried out a clinical investigation in elderly suffering from mild impairment of brain functioning or cognition. In the study, 152 elderlies with a mean age of 68 were given growth hormone releasing hormone for a period of 20 weeks, and the study concluded that majority of the participants benefited from it. Hence, we can say that GenFx, if started at an early stage, may help to prevent age-related decline in the brain functioning.

Finally, we would like to caution the readers, that GenFx should not be compared to synthetic growth hormone, which has both the benefits and risks in elderly. GenFx is a more natural way of reviving your hormone balance, and by no mean its intake would result in overproduction of growth hormone. All it would do is to help correct the deficit that is related to age. Moreover, it would help not just to boost growth hormone, but other hormones that are essential for graceful aging. GenFx would work best when taken in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, and diet. It is not a magic bullet. Instead, it is a combination of highly useful compounds that would help just anyone, if consumed long enough.

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